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གཏོང་ལེན་ - giving and taking

Tonglen, or གཏོང་ལེན་ is a very common Buddhist mind training practice, brought to tibet by  ཇོ་བོ་རྗེ་དཔལ་ལྡན་ཨ་ཏི་ཤ་ and commented by various Kadampa masters such as    འཆད་ཁ་བ་ཡེ་ཤེས་རྡོ་རྗེ་ . It's an interesting word and I found a lot of other interesting combinations when I looked at the word this morning using the MyTibetan (iOS, Android) app. Actually any Tibetan dictionary app where you could find words not only starting with a pattern but also found in the middle of other terms is very useful for such Tibetan language spelunking. To start with,  གཏོང་ལེན་ has been translated into English as both as taking and giving and   giving and receiving . as གཏོང་ means to give and ལེན་ to receive , the official order should be giving and receiving. Then again the practice starts with first taking all the suffering from sentient beings, transform it, and then give it back in form of all happiness there is. So it's a debate what is proper. Or maybe it does not matter. To my

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