Friday, December 28, 2007

phung po lnga - The Five Aggregates

Next is the number of aggregates or skandhas, as well as a listing of each one of them.

phung po is skandha, aggregate, or heap, rnams is a plural marker so this is about skandhas or aggregates.

ni is again the emphatic particle that isolates the words from an expression or some other part. Here it isolates it from lnga, which is number five. You will encounter this particle quite a lot in texts such as this one that has definitions and listings.

ste is another important particle -- Stephen Hodge calls this the semi-final particle which is a very intriguing name for it. It is used to tie together smaller sentences, to introduce something as part of an earlier sentence (like here), or to coordinate together multiple smaller sentences. In this latter case you could just translate this particle with 'and' or 'and then.' Actually here I would use : as the next part will list the five skandhas.

This particle takes the form ste here as the last word's last letter was a vowel. You will also see it in forms of te and de. Expect to see those a lot!

Next, we we have talked about the five skandhas before, we will go through the text entry that lists all five. Yes, it's a big chunk of text, but should not be hard to translate.

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