Thursday, December 27, 2007

phung po khams skye mched

I was thinking about going through the Tibetan translation of Abhidharma-Samuccaya line by line, but immediately in the beginning of the first chapter there's a summary of what this section will explain. So I think it will be better to skip certain parts. Also there's a long listing of various parts soon after. I was thinking about condensing all this, but then again it's good to see the sentences repeating, as seeing the patterns over and over will help anyone recognize similar patterns. Also, those listings have a lot of key words good to know.

Anyway, the beginning of the first chapter has to do with phung po (skandha, heaps), khams, dhatu, elements) and skye mched (ayatana, spheres). There will be a listing of all these parts, definitions, characteristics, as well as other interesting information related to these parts. Then these will be combined with other parts to see more connections and interesting relationships.

We will talk more about these then later, but just seeing the listing of what they consist of will give enough insight into these three important collections.

By the way, I have a revised ACIP edition of the Tibetan translation of Abhidharma-Samuccaya, but I don't want to publish it openly. However, if someone wants this text from me, send me email and I could provide it.

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