Monday, December 10, 2007

chos mngon pa kun las btus pa - Abhidharma-Samuccaya 2

The second part of the name of this text is kun las btus pa - Samuccaya.

kun las means from all, or all that. btus pa is collected, gathered, extracted.

In other words, this combination means compilation from all sources, or a compendium, in this particular case a compilation of Abhidharma material. You could see this Sanskrit and Tibetan term from time to time in various compilation texts, such as Dignaga's Pramana-Samuccaya, or Shantideva's Siksa-Samuccaya.

As for the word Abhidharma, chos mngon pa, there are all kinds of attempts to translate this to English: higher knowledge, metaphysics, and so on. I tend to be somewhat conservative and use the Sanskrit term; it's nice, and it forces someone to learn the meaning behind the word, and also avoids any misunderstandings -- for example meta-physics and the connection to new age material.

Next, the full title of the text as seen in the actual Tibetan text.

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