Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mnyam pa nyid kyi ye shes - Wisdom of Equanimity

The fourth of the five wisdoms, ye shes lnga, is mnyam pa nyid kyi ye shes, wisdom of equanimity.

mnyam pa is equal, to be alike. nyid is a very useful word to memorize, it is used in combination with other terms and words, and means just, the very same, exactly like that (and nothing else!). Thus, mnyam pa nyid means equality, the fundamental likeness, or sameness and nothing else.

kyi is a genitive particle, it takes this form as the last letter on the left is a da, and binds the words or expressions on the right to the left. ye shes is wisdom (or I like to think of it as transcendental awareness myself, nowadays, sounds more wide and expansive than just wisdom.)

As you could see, by just doing a simple translation of this wisdom term, you could get a deeper glimpse into the meaning itself compared with the English translation used. This means that this wisdom expresses that everything, all beings, are equal, have the same needs and the same future. It is said that the dharma is raining down on everyone equally. In other words, such a wisdom there are no distinctions, rather impartiality, as it really is; no distinction between important and not important, self and others. An enlightened being could still discriminate between all these states (remember the so sor rtog pa'i ye shes.)

Next about the poison that is this wisdom in an impure form. Our family is traveling in Southern California this week, so depending on the Wi-Fi connections the entries might show up now and then.

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