Tuesday, November 06, 2007

so sor rtog pa'i ye shes - Discriminating Wisdom

The second wisdom we will now look at it so sor rtog pa'i ye shes - discriminating wisdom.

so sor is a very good expression or word to learn, it bubbles up here and there in the texts. It means separately, individually, for each part. rtog pa is in Sanskrit vitarka, it means thought, concept, mental projects in general.

so sor rtog pa is actually a term, individual analysis, discrimination.

The 'i at the end is a genitive particle -- you should now recognize those in your sleep! This binds the word to the right with the left. ye shes is wisdom.

So if we look at the Tibetan words, and the typical translation, discriminating wisdom, is that there's individual analysis of things, and the wisdom, or really transcendental awareness, is to notice each one individually, or discriminate with such things, or working with the wisdom of individuality.

More clearly, an enlightened being could see the uniqueness of every thing, as well as the sameness, at the same time. This also has an interesting side issue, when someone becomes enlightened, does this being become like all the other enlightened beings, like this cloud of enlightenment? Well, there's both the uniqueness and sameness!

Anyway, this has nothing to do with realizing a self-existent nature, rather the interesting world of emptiness with manifestations, forms, and still lack of self-existence. You could read more about various terms related to this wisdom here in the dharmadictionary.net article.

Sometimes this term is also translated as 'timeless awareness', you will see later how it's related to this wisdom. By the way, this term is sometimes shortened to sor rtog.

Next, what poison is manifesting this wisdom in an impure form.

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