Wednesday, November 07, 2007

'dod chags - desire based on attachment

The poison of the so called dug lnga that is transmuted into so sor rtag pa'i ye shes is 'dod chags, desire (based on attachment).

The reason I like to remind that it's desire based on attachment is that there's desire, and desire. Desire to become enlightened is not polluted, desire to own a better car than the neighbor is polluted.

It kind of makes sense that discriminating wisdom, when impure, is desire. I think these kinds of combinations are best explored with private contemplation; let's say having a nice cup of coffee, sitting in the sofa back home and thinking about the connection between knowing the uniqueness and sameness of all things, versus having an impure passionate view on objects. You might get a very strong insight, and that could then be strengthened with meditation on this object.

Next, the dhyani buddha associated with this wisdom, maybe the best known dhyani buddha out there.

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Ken said...

A friend just pointed me to your blog, and it seems you have an interest similar to mine, namely, good English translations.

For 'dod chags, I've come to use attraction (with aversion and indifference for zhe sdang and ti mug respectivley), as these three poisons refer to the primary emotional processes associated with a sense of self.

This leaves desire free for other terms.