Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ye shes kyi tshogs - Collection of Wisdom

The cause of the second part of a Buddha, chos sku, is ye shes kyi tshogs - collection of wisdom, jnanasambhara in Sanskrit.

ye shes, jnana in Sanskrit, is a really cool word. It is unfortunately sometimes translated the same way as shes rab, wisdom. But there are all kinds of levels of wisdom, especially in languages such as Sanskrit or Tibetan. I wish we had more words for wisdom in our western culture.

Anyway, shes rab, prajna, is wisdom that a bodhisattva accumulates while on the path, ye shes is primordial wisdom, the wisdom that a Buddha ultimately is capable of. In both cases we are dealing with wisdom realizing reality as it is, lack of self-existence of self and phenomena, however everything works just fine with dependent-origination.

kyi is again the genitive particle -- remember to bind from right to left, and tshogs is collection.

This is the collected effort of studying and meditating on the correct view, emptiness, first intellectually and by proxy, then directly experiencing it, and then perfecting it up to the level of buddhahood. This collection then creates the mental and ultimate aspects of a Buddha.

Next, now we will divide a Buddha into three parts!

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