Tuesday, October 16, 2007

chos sku - dharmakaya

The second of the two-way collection of what a Buddha consist of is chos sku, dharmakaya.

As you will learn along the way, chos, dharma, has very, very many meanings when translating. Here the closest we could refer to in this combinational term is ultimate existence.

sku, kaya is body, as mentioned before.

This term is again very, very hard to fully translate. The meaning is that this collection is the mental and ultimate nature parts of a Buddha, or everything else that is not form. Sometimes this is translated as Truth Body. I don't know, this term is somewhat vague as it does not really explain what the parts are.

Anyway, basically this is the mental parts of a Buddha plus the emptiness aspect of a being. From the mental point of view, this is why a Buddha knows the three times, all causes and effects, and so on. From the emptiness aspect, even all the parts of a Buddha have no self-existence. They exist due to dependent-origination, that's all.

These two, gzugs sku and chos sku, are also called sku gnyis, the two bodies, in various scriptures and commentaries, so it's good to know what this term refers to.

And again, there's a cause why this part is appearing, and we will go through that next.

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