Wednesday, October 31, 2007

me long lta bu'i ye shes - Mirror-like Wisdom

The first of the ye shes lnga (five wisdoms) we will go through is me long lta bu'i ye shes.

me long is a mirror. lta bu is like that, similar -- this is a very common term, good to learn inside out. The ending 'i is a genitive particle that binds the right to the left. ye shes is wisdom.

So the most common translation for this wisdom is mirror-like wisdom. This is the deep, deep wisdom of the whole sphere reality. It is called mirror-like as phenomena appear to the mind in the same way as in a clean mirror - totally accurate with no distortions. Pleasant objects do not stick to the mirror, and unpleasant objects are not repulsive in the mirror. Mirrors reflect things as they are, whether it is a smoking machine gun or a beautiful rose. This includes no separation of self and other phenomena, everything is experienced in full harmony, as it is.

Next what needs to be transmuted in order to get to this wisdom state.

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