Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ye shes lnga - Five Wisdoms

The enlightened mind operates with five wisdoms - ye shes lnga. These are five aspects of pristine awareness. As mentioned earlier, ye shes, wisdom, is transcendental wisdom, the awareness of an enlightened being. lnga is number five.

Well, to get there, certain ordinary parts and consciousnesses have to be purified. When that's done, they actually operate with transcendental wisdom, that's all. That's why again the Sakya presentation of Samsara and Nirvana being of the same taste is interesting, as it points out that all the material is available, it's just a matter of transforming it.

We will go through the ye shes lnga, one at a time, and for each also show the connection to various other parts, such as mental poisons, aggregates, Buddha families, symbolism, and so on. So this will take a while, but as part of that you will learn a lot of Tibetan Buddhist terminology, as well as see the deep interdependent connections all kinds of parts you didn't even expect. And next time you look at a Buddhist picture, you would know what various parts represent, it's all encoded in there, and you learn to decipher it!

Anyway, I hope by taking the ye shes lnga as the anchor point this will be a somewhat different kind of presentation.


B9 hummingbird hovering said...

I just discovered your blog. Thank you very much for your effort and endeavour. Could you please include the pronunciation along with the Tibetan orthography?

On another matter, do you know the Twilight Language correspondences for each of the Five Wisdom's with the Five Lights and Five Lungs? FYI, I am B9 hummingird hovering on Wikipedia.

Kent Sandvik said...

Hi, thanks for the comments. One big problem with pronunciation is that there's really no standard, and some use G for ga, others K, for example. It's kind of understood, indirectly, that I will not go into learning the alphabet and pronunciation, as there are many excellent resources already available, both online and in book or tape/CD form, for learning how to pronounce Tibetan.

Twilight language, hehehe, that's secret, and I don't know it.

B9 hummingbird hovering said...

Dear Kent Sankvik
May I please call upon your wisdom about how I may romanize(?) the Tibetan of 'The Prayer of Great Power' (Tibetan: ''Smon-lam stobs-po-che'') By Rikzin Gödem (1337-1408); translated By Matthew T. Kapstein (c) 2003, into English phonemes so I may sing it? (
Blot: Blessings in blood
B9 hummingbird hovering (Wikipedia)

B9 hummingbird hovering said...

NB: here is the address again as it got chopped off *heheheh* just ensure there are no spaces between the slashes...