Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mi tshangs spyod - Sexual Misconduct

The third of the body related mi dge ba bcu is mi tshangs spyod - sexual misconduct.

spyod here is conduct, activity. tshangs pa is purity, so mi tshangs means not purity. mi tshangs pa is also the term for having sex.

This expression is somewhat compacted; it means not that one should not have sex at all, rather to avoid sexual misconduct. With such it means having sex with underage humans, with someone who does not want it, or with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else, or the person doing it is already in a relationship with someone.

You could practice this from the obvious point of avoiding sexual misconduct to the point of avoiding even flirts, and pointing out the benefits of long relationships, and helping others have such relationships.

The benefits from this practice is to have very steady and long relationships, long family relations with no schisms, and anything related to having humans (and house pets too) together for a long time.


Anonymous said...

then the activity of "not having sex" ( mi tshangs pa) is sexual misconduct?

Kent Sandvik said...

The short forms of vows and non-virtual actions are sometimes cryptic, and to the point. Here it is the conduct of no sex in specific cases.

Anonymous said...

I think:
"tshangs pa" means "pure/chaste"
"mi tshangs pa" means "having sex"

You have reversed it.

Kent Sandvik said...

Ouch, sorry, my mistake. I just checked for mi tshangs pa, which is a term for having sex, and forgot to check out tshangs pa, which is purity. That about running to the airport and blogging.

Anyway, thanks for the correction, it's now updated in the entry.