Saturday, July 14, 2007

mi dge ba bcu - The Ten Non-virtues

mi dge ba bcu are the ten non-virtues. To avoid doing these will immediately minimize suffering in the samsaric realm, and make it possible to create harmonious environments for meditation and create causes to totally eliminate samsara. However, to really remove samsara requires stronger medicine, such as experiencing emptiness directly and work with this experience. But to get the mind calm to experience this requires calming the mental storms -- hence avoiding these non-virtues is of utmost importance.

Let's go through this expression backwards! bcu is number ten. dge ba is virtue. The mi is a negation particle, so virtue becomes non-virtue.

We will go through each of the mi dge ba bcu, and hi-light the positive results of avoiding them, as I'm an optimist, and like to look at things from the positive side.

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