Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Four Immeasurables, Loving Kindness Part 4

The last part of the first immeasurable line ends with dang ldan par gyur cig.

dang ldan par refers to the earlier section, bde dang bde ba'i rgyu, happiness and the causes of happiness. dang ldan pa is a possessive particle combination, we looked this this some time ago at this entry. It could be roughtly translated as imbued with, possessed with, or having. Maybe having is here a good translation, even if it's good to know about the alternatives. So we are dealing with having happiness and the causes of happiness. But also note that this ends with an r, dang ldan par, where the lonely r is another particle, it connects the verb expression we are looking next with the possessive combination.

gyur cig is another common expression that we looked at here. It is an expression found in many verses, means may it be like that.

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