Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Let's look at some verbs for a while. A very common verb you find at the end of expressions is gyur, become, will happen, and so on. It's an expression of something to be happening. gyur is used a lot when translating Sanskrit texts of something becoming or happening as the original verb.

A common version of this is gyur cig, may it be, or if Captain Picard from Star Trek NG would say: "make it so." For example:

bde legs su gyur cig, may virtuous goodness become. bde legs is virtue or virtuous goodness, and su is a particle pointing the verb to the right to the contents on the left. In Sanskrit this is om swasti, you could see this at various commentaries as the ending statement, especially in the Sakya tradition. It's very auspicious to end any writing with this kind of statement. So! om swasti.

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