Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Possessive Particles - LDAN

Let's look more at ldan, it's one three so called possessive particles -- they are used with nouns to form a possessor, or a possessive adjective. ldan is to the right of the noun. You could use translation terms such as "endowed with", "having", "possessing", and so on..

bkra shis ldan - having auspiciousness, bkra shis is auspiciousness, or Tashi for you new to Tibetan.
skal ldan - the one having fortune, skal - fortune
shes ldan - having wisdom
dpal ldan - having many good qualities, glorious, as in dpal ldan bla ma, glorious guru.

A very common expression is also dang ldan pa, possessed of, imbued with, as in:
skal pa dang ldan pa - having fortune.

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