Monday, April 17, 2006

Whole Second Commentary Sentence on Wisdom Being Foremost

Ok, let's tackle the second sentence in the commentary about the starting verses of the chaper of wisdom.

I must confess that I'm not that happy with my rough translation -- but to keep this realistic it's very common that it takes a long time before a translation is fully settled down with. A common reason -- as also in this case -- is lack of context. To fully translate a text, you need a common understanding of the topic, as well as possibly translating the text from beginning, or looking at the original commentary upon a specific commentary is based upon. You will see soon what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it's worth trying, and feedback is most definitely appreciated. To recap, we are dealing with the definition of why wisdom is much more important than either the previous perfection, or all the five perfections.

sbyin sogs par is giving and the rest, with the ending r being a subordination particle.
Let's skip to the end! 'chad pa'i lugs gnyis las means from the two traditions of explanations. This is where it becomes tricky, what are the two traditions? Earlier context might have given us the clue to this part...

Back to the beginning part, phyin lhag ma means the remaining perfections. thams cad la - to all those.

Puzzling all this together: In the two traditions of explanations this is referring to giving and the other five perfections.

Phew. Let's do Nagarjuna emptiness root verses next!


Ryan said...

hi kent

is it possible that what you wrote as 'par' should be 'phar', which would change some of your explanations. please see aci course 12 reading, page 12 of 173.


Ryan said...

also the following letter ba...