Thursday, April 20, 2006


Ok, rung ba will be very much present in the forthcoming Nagarjuna verses on emptiness, stong pa nyid. See the dharmadictionary entry.

It means suitable, correct, fit, acceptable. In this case we will deal if someone accepts emptiness or not, so it's in the context of something being acceptable or not.

By the way, I actually added the forthcoming verses into the dharmadictionary entry, including hyperlinks into the other words in the verses, as a sneak preview.

As for verbs, we talked earlier that hunt for them at the end of the sentence, it was kind of a generalization -- you start at the beginning of the sentence, and go forwards until you see a verb (there could be actually more than one). So then you get a block of text that you could do a mini-translation about, and puzzle it all together later.

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