Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Nagarjuna is in Tibetan klu sgrub, sometimes also klu grub. We should actually say Master Nagarjuna, in monasteries and otherwise in the Tibetan culture you always provide an important teacher with a honorific title.

klu is naga in Sanskrit, these underwater beings that are actually quite intelligent, but still classified as animals. sgrub here means become, attain, and so on, so the rough translation is "born of the Nagas". Master Nagarjuna was definitely not a naga. Rather according to tradition he was invited to the naga realm to teach, and he found Perfection of Wisdom texts stored away while they were lost in the rest of the world. So he took these texts back and started teaching the context.

If you nicely ask a Tibetan lama the location where Master Nagarjuna descended to the naga realm, they might tell you.

Anyway, if you do internet searches you should find plenty of information about Master Nagarjuna. One option is to look at the dharmadictionary entry for a starting point to look at more information and Tibetan terms and words related to Nagarjuna.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

Is there any specialist on the 'Naga' theme? I once read about a naga mandala, with nagas of different colors.

When you look at Thaï temples, they have enormous nagas at the entry. But this 'design' is absent in front of tibetan monasteries/ temples.

In one tibetan calendar I saw that days for 'Naga Puja' are signalled.Where could i learn more about this? (I don't intend practising all this of course! I'm just curious.)

Thanks. (sorry if my query is irrelevant in this context.)

Kent Sandvik said...

As I know naga pujas are for protection purposes. Depending on the tradition there are various versions. I need to check some info back home. More later, Kent

Kent Sandvik said...

Google is your friend. I did a search on Zopa Rinpoche and naga, and found the references I was looking for, or a lot of information provided at the Land of Medicine Buddha Vajrasattva retreat, on web and also in book format.

for example, or do a search on Zopa Rinpoche and naga. --Kent said...

you are great, your blog is splendid. i spent all night long reading. but. nagarjuna should be rather klu sgrub in tibetan. am i wrong? sincerely your migacz (poland)

Kent Sandvik said...

Ok, I changed it to klu sgrub, and mentioned in the blog that klu grub is also used. The reason I changed it was that I did a Google search and noticed that klu sgrub was more common than klu grub.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it so I know what to change, add, modify and so on.