Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Heart Sutra - 1

Ok, this is the next topic. We will slowly go through the translation of the whole Heart Sutra. Let's see how long that takes, but it's a noble goal. If you know how the Heart Sutra is translated and you could read it in Tibetan, you will get a huge vocabulary of words and expressions so that reading anything else will be easy. In addition, you create a lot of merit by just reading single words here and there.

I've posted some entries over time concerning sutra material, so here's a listing of postings good to check out:

I'm about to fix those pages so they use Unicode Tibetan. As part of this project I will not dwell so much into something that these parts already cover. However, this will be very suitable for beginners as well, as we will not cover huge amounts of words and sentences, they each will be a nice piece meal.

Feel free to comment below for more suggestions as we will progress along this path.

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