Wednesday, November 14, 2007

phrag dog - Jealousy

The dug lnga (one of the five poisons) that is actually bya ba grub pa'i ye she in an impure form is phrag dog, jealousy.

I don't personally know the full story behind the background of this Tibetan word for jealousy, but looking at each part gives one interesting scenario of why this word combination was selected; note this is just my own speculation. phrag means intermediate space, and dog means narrow, tight. So it's like the mind becoming very narrow, instead of being spacious.

Alex Berzin has more interesting information about this Tibetan word.

Why no ending sha (long line) here? Well, this word ends with the letter ga, and that long part is already considered to be useable as a separator marker in Tibetan.

Next, the dhyani Buddha associated with this wisdom of all-accomplishing action wisdom.

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