Friday, November 09, 2007

'od dpag med - Amitabha

The dhyani buddha associated with discriminating wisdom, so sor rtog pa'i ye shes, is 'od dpag med, Amitabha.

'od is light. dpag is to to measure, med negotiates this, so dpag med is limitless or boundless. In other words, one straight translation how Tibetans translated Amitabha is Boundless Light.

Amitabha is red in color, as red is considered the color of love, compassion, and desire. Think of red sports cars! The element associated with Amitabha is fire, which makes sense, symbolically.

The direction, or mandala location, is west. The symbol is a lotus, padma, this is also usually the word Tibetans used in their translations.

Some more notes: as many of you know, Amitabha is maybe the most known dhyani buddha, the Pure Land tradition is focused on this Buddha practice. The pure land of Amitabha is called Sukhavati in Sanskrit, or bde ba can (Dewachen) in Tibetan. It's one of the easiest pure lands to achieve, but even that takes single-pointed determination. Je Tsongkhapa wrote a very famous prayer for being reborn into Sukhavati. The Panchen Lamas are considered emanations of Amitabha.

Next, the skandha associated with discriminating wisdom.

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