Sunday, November 04, 2007

mi bskyod pa - Akshobhya

The specific dhyani Buddha that represents me long lta bu'i ye shes is mi bskyod pa, Akshobhya. This name itself has symbolism that presents the mirror-like wisdom itself.

bskyod is to move, agitate. In Tibetan you use pa to make words from verbs, so bskyod pa is movement. mi is a negation particle, so mi bskyod pa is immovable. This name is also sometimes shortened to mi bskyod.

Akshobhya is blue in color (sngo); blue is like water, and water is immovable, and vast, and acts like a mirror, as things really are. Water is also the element associated with Akshobhya.

Usually in a mandala Akshobhya is placed in the east, the entrance port. The family symbol for Akshobhya is a vajra (rdo rje).

There are many good images of Akshobhya on the net, so do a net search in case you want to see an image.

Next, the skandha associated with me long lta bu'i ye shes. Yes, there's even a connection between the five skandhas and the five wisdoms. Five is an important number in Buddhism.

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