Sunday, November 18, 2007

'du byed - Mental Formation

The skandha associated with bya ba grub pa'i ye shes is 'du byed - mental formations. Another translation for this part of a being is impulses, or habitual tendencies -- samskara in Sanskrit.

More associations with this wisdom: concerning the five elements is is wind, concerning the five senses it is associated with tongue consciousness.

Next, the fourth wisdom of the ye shes lnga.


Anonymous said...

Please fix the spelling in the Tibetan script. I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

Drimay said...

This aggregate includes both mental stuff and non-associated composites, i.e. things which are neither mental nor physical. Not all non-associated composites are part of a person, but I am very interested in finding out which ones are. 'Person' is an example of one of these neither-physical-nor-mental things. Can you think of what kinds of non-associated composites would be part of the fourth aggregate?

Kent Sandvik said...

Oops! Fixed.

Anonymous said...

While you are at it, fix

Friday, November 09, 2007

'od pdag med - Amitabha

I cannot help but notice such things.

It's a character flaw.