Thursday, November 29, 2007

chos kyi dbyings kyi ye shes - Dharmadhatu wisdom

The fifth of the five wisdoms, ye shes lnga, is chos kyi dbyings kyi ye shes, dharmadhatu wisdom.

chos has so many interpretations and meanings, but here it's really part of a term, chos kyi dbyings. Anyway, for the time being think of this with the Sanskrit term, dharma, phenomena.

kyi is a genitive particle and binds the word to the right with the one to the left. dbyings also has many meanings: nature, realm, space, dhatu in Sanskrit... Anyway, here chos kyi dbyings is dharmadhatu. kyi is again a genitive particle, and ye shes is wisdom.

This is also sometimes written in short form: chos dbyings ye shes.

As for the term dharmadhatu, that would take a while, and I'm actually very tempted to look into more dharmadhatu terms after this section with the five wisdoms, as it's a very, very intriguing section, and I like to look at this myself from time to time, as it's mind expanding.

Anyway, let's think of dharmadhatu here as the realm, or sphere of phenomena, and is indirectly pointing at the potential of emptiness where anything is possible due to interdependence. So the wisdom has to do with this expansive realm, as it covers all phenomena. Different traditions have somewhat different interpretations about this wisdom. Anyway, one way to look at this is to think of the wisdom of the true nature of reality, and by leaving it by that I avoid getting stuck in all the different interpretations what it means -- from a valid lineage they are always true, just different interpretations.

Next, the somewhat astounding poison that is turned into this wisdom.

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