Monday, November 12, 2007

bya ba grub pa'i ye shes - all-accomplishing action wisdom

The next of the ye shes lnga (five wisdoms) we will go through is bya ba grub pa'i ye shes. This word actually has two separate words good to learn, as you will see those here and there in Tibetan Buddhist texts.

bya ba is action, from the verb bya, to do.

grub pa is accomplishment, from the verb grub, accomplish. And the 'i is the genitive particle that binds this from the right to the left, where to the right we have the word ye shes, wisdom.

This wisdom is usually translated as all-accomplishing wisdom, but I think a more clear term is all-accomplishing action wisdom, or wisdom accomplishing actions. It means that with this wisdom, all wishes are naturally and effortlessly accomplished. This means that the ultimate wish sentient beings have, be free from suffering, reach liberation and ultimately full enlightenment could effortlessly be provided by those who have this wisdom in their mind stream. Just need to get the other end to listen and be attentive, and it usually takes all kinds of skillful teaching tricks.

Next, the mental poison that is this wisdom in an impure form.

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