Monday, October 01, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 8

The second line of the third block of the introduction vajra verses is longer, so we will slowly go through each part next. It starts with: sku gsung thugs.

This is actually a very important term, you could encounter this one quite a lot when discussing the qualities of enlightened beings.

sku is the honorific form for body. In Tibetan there could be two words meaning the same, where the non-honorific is used amongst beings of the same or lower meaning, and the honorific is used to talking to one's father, teacher, abbot, bodhisattva, or here, about enlightened beings.

Similarly, gsung is the honorific form for speech, and thugs for mind. Thus, this is the body, speech, and mind. This term is then used to describe various parts of an enlightened beings, as they could indeed be classified into these three, a manifestation form and projected forms, the teaching aspect benefiting all sentient beings, and the omniscient mind, knowing everything. Thus, this is the package anyone aspiring to become enlightened for the sake of others is aiming for.

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