Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 10

OK, this is the end of the second section: rgyan gyi 'khor lo la.

rgyan is ornament. This word is used a lot in text titles and similar places. Think of a queen who has ornaments in her hair. gyi is a genitive particle that binds the right side to the left.

'khor lo is wheel; this word is used to express ideas of a gathering, or a wheel of influence, and so forth. And la is an pointer particle, binding this with something which is the third statement we will go through next.

So far do we have this partial translation: For a Sugata with the ornamental wheel of inexhaustible enlightened body, enlightened speech and enlightened mind...

The word ornament is used here because the body, speech and mind of a Buddha ornaments both oneself and others. The word wheel is used because this wheel of enlightened activity covers everyone. So this was the support section of the third statement. Next is the appearance section.

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