Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Samsara and Nirvana is One - Part 4

This statement then concludes: rtsa rgyud.

rtsa is yet another word good to learn inside out, it means root, and is used in all kinds of combinations to state that something is the root of something else.

We had rgyud before, it means continuum. So this part is the root continuum. rtsa rgyud could also mean root tantra, mulatantra, but here it is important to know from the context that rgyud is referring to continuum.

So what does the root continuum mean here? In this whole context (see earlier postings), all the samsaric obscurations (impure visions) have Samsara as the root. The methods to clear the impure visions are applied to reach Samsara from Nirvana is another root, as well as the results. All together, Samsara and Nirvana together is needed. Thus it is the root continuum.

This was just touching the tip of the iceberg about this important concept of Samsara and Nirvana really being of the same taste. It's also very, very important to remember that these, as well as the concept of a root continuum, are not existing from their own sides at all. There has been thousands of debates in Tibet if such a view is grasping to something self-existent or not, but I will let you debate this internally. Even better, try to get teachings from a qualified Sakya lama about this whole thing, they will be delighted to teach you -- it's a very, very deep topic, and a big section of lam 'bras is about looking at this view over and over again from different angles.

Next, we will start going through the qualities of enlightened beings, if we want to get to that state, it would be interesting to learn what it will really be like.

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