Monday, October 08, 2007

Samsara and Nirvana is One - Part 2

Next is an easier section, it continues with: 'khor 'das.

This is really a short term for Namsara, 'khor ba, and myang 'das, Nirvana.

Something that you will encounter over and over again when translating text is that more complex terms are shortened, of many reasons, either it takes less space when carving wood blocks that takes a long time. Or then it is assumed that the intelligent reader knows about it, hence sometimes you see a short term followed la sogs, and so on...

As a translator you then have to make a choice, should you follow the same style, or spell out the terms? I usually think this way that in this age of cheap paper, and especially computers, it's better to just spell everything out. If it becomes too cumbersome, you could always use footnotes, especially on the same page.

Anyway, back to 'khor 'das. If you followed along, you could now also think of these two states as experiencing impure phenomena versus experiencing pure phenomena. And they have a common ground of the mind, where the causalities operate along the continuum of the mind...

But, there's more to follow!

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