Sunday, October 07, 2007

Samsara and Nirvana is One - Part 1

Let's just continue along vajra verses to the following sentence. This will be somewhat tough, and takes a while to grasp, but such sentences are good as then the mind will expand!

This starts with kun gzhi rgyu rgyud la. We have seen kun gzhi before, it's short for kun gzhi rnam par shes pa. Click on that link to learn more. Anyway, just now think of this all ground as the part where all the actions in the universe will play out, in other words your mind.

rgyu rgyud is a tough word. rgyu is cause and rgyud is continuum, so one way to translate this is causal continuum. So what is that? The causal part means that there are causes happening, actions lead to results. Continuum means that there's an awareness that is extended from infinite past as a sentient beings, towards infinite future as an enlightened being. It's like an unbroken stream.

la is again the oblique particle that will bind this causal continuum of the universal ground with something we will go through next.

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