Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mngon par byang chub pa'i sku - abhisambodhikaya

The last of the sku lnga parts of a Buddha is mngon par byang chub pa'i sku - abhisambodhikaya.

mgon pa is manifest, the r is a sub-ordination particle, it classifies the right side to the left. Tibetans translated the Sanskrit term abhi, towards, higher, supreme, as mngon par, so you should see this here and there in the texts.

byang chub is enlightenment, the 'i is a genitive particle that binds right to left. sku is body.

One way to translate this is the body of manifest enlightenment.

The short form of this is mngon byang gi sku.

One way to describe this is that the four other kayas spontaneously complete within the awareness wisdom, so this is the body of true perfected purity. It is the embodiment of buddha's enlightened qualities.

It is said that to describe the qualities of an enlightened being is like a bird taking off over an ocean, and turning back after flying one day. To make it more modern, we could fill every web page available on Internet with descriptions, and never finish the job. Anyway, it's auspicious to talk about it, so next there will be a short series of how ordinary parts of a sentient beings will turn into enlightened parts, which ones, and what is the end result.

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