Sunday, October 14, 2007

bsod nams kyi tshogs - Collection of Merit

The way the form aspect of enlightenment is actualized is via a cause, and the cause is: bsod nams kyi tshogs, collection of merit, punyasambhara in Sanskrit.

bsod nams is merit, punya. The perfection of giving, and so forth, the first five perfections (giving, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration) are perfected along the bodhisattva path.

kyi is a genitive, binds the right side to the left.

tshogs, sambhara, is another word good to know inside out, as you will encounter this quite a lot. It usually means collection, accumulation, mass, crowd, but here it means collection.

Thus, by collecting all the merit from the first five perfections, the form aspect of enlightenment is reached. Logically it makes sense, if you perform deeds with all sentient beings in mind, you will get a form where you indeed perform deeds to all sentient beings.

Next the other aspect of an enlightened being.

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