Monday, July 16, 2007

srog gcod - Killing

The first of the mi dge ba bcu is this one: srog gcod, killing. This is the first of the three related to body actions.

srog is life or actually life force, this is not the soul, rather all the things that keeps a sentient being alive.

gcod is literally cutting, and many know this better by the practice called Chö. So the more closer translation of this term would be cutting of the life force, but killing as a translation is just fine.

There are many levels of doing the opposite, from the basic level of avoiding any killing to cases to actually preserving life such as helping humans and animals in need, being a vegetarian, avoiding pollution by using a bike, and so on.

The benefits from this is creating causes for a long and healthy life especially in future; as you respect life, so you get the same happening for you, as well. The reason I put in 'in future' is that the karma triggered could happen in this lifetime depending on the strong motivation, but it's more common it triggers later. Anyway, it depends on the internal motivation and actions!

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