Monday, July 23, 2007

phra ma - Divisive Speech

The second of the four non-virtues related to speech is phra ma - divisive talk. Such talk is anything that will separate one person from another.

The practice is to of course avoid such talk, and do the opposite, get people together, either those who have separated in the past, or make sure that people, groups, organizations, whole countries, and so on, will not become divided. Quite a job here in USA just now, or what...

The results from this are that you will not be separated from friends and people, and belong to harmonious groups.

Just to be clear about results, there are three kinds of results from any non-virtue or bad karma. One is the level, leading to lower realm experiences, the other is the similar view experienced in future, and the third is the curse of bag chags, i.e. the tendency to continue doing the same non-virtue in future leading to more miserable experiences.

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