Thursday, July 26, 2007

ngag 'chal - Idle Talk

The fourth and the last of the four non-virtues related to speech is ngag 'chal - idle speech.

ngag is speech or talk. 'chal is meaningless, nonsense. Here the expression idle talk is used, but meaningless talk, or talking nonsense is also fine. Note that speech also implies verbally written material, such as writing a lot of things that are not meaningful.

The practice is to avoid useless, idle chatter or writing, including emails and chat sessions, anything that will not benefit someone, or help someone. Time is of essence, and wasting it for meaningless activities will of course lead to experiencing results that are neither meaningful or useful. One should do the opposite, use one's verbal skills for positive and constructive talk and writings.

The results from such actions lead to experiences where people do indeed pay attention to you, and when you speak or write, people take interest in what you say or write. You will also experience plenty of fruitful environments, situations where meaningful things happen.

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