Thursday, July 26, 2007

brnab sems - Craving

This is the first of the three non-virtues related to mind, brnab sems, craving.

sems is mind. brnab is future tense of rnab pa, the desire to have others possessions. So it's the mind that is craving others' belongings, house, car, spouse, position, iPods, fame and so on.

The practice is of course to avoid such cravings, and desire in general, and be happy with what you have and be happy with what others have. There's nothing wrong to have a desire to be free from suffering, but it's illogical to have desire for things that do not have any self-existence, whatsoever.

By doing this, in future you will have less and less crazy desires and cravings happening in your mind, causing even more crazy craving storms to appear. We do stupid things when we are craving for something... Also you will experience an environment that does not degenerate over time, let's say a city block turning into a slum, or a village where people move away or die, and the houses fall apart.

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