Wednesday, June 13, 2007

yid 'ong mi 'ong - pleasant and unpleasant

Hang on there, there's a system behind this all. First we have various bak chags that trigger various 'dzin pa, of which bdag 'dzin and bden 'dzin are the worst. From those yid 'ong my 'ong appears.

yid 'ong means pleasant, pleasing, attractive . mi 'ong is the opposite, unpleasant, not good.

In other words, from grasping to oneself and phenomena (which is a mistake to start with), the mind experiences pleasant and unpleasant states of mind. Or, things that do not have self-existence, supposedly radiates from them something that makes them attractive or undesirable. For example, why do some love radish, and others thinks its awful??

This is just part one of three part section, where this one is still a passive state of mind.

Next is what will happen in the mind after these pleasant and unpleasant thoughts arise.

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