Saturday, June 09, 2007

bdag 'dzin - grasping to self

To continue, the bag chags will trigger all kinds of mental activities, of which we will go through the most important ones concerning samsara -- 'dzin, grasping.

The first important one is bdag 'dzin, grasping to oneself. bdag is oneself, in Sanskrit atman.

As example, this grasping has different levels, where the strongest bdag 'dzin happens when someone is praising or blaming you, or let's say a car drives suddenly in front of you on the road.

As mentioned, some of the bag chags is the habitual tendency to think that oneself exists independently from its own side. There are many logical and meditational techniques in Buddhism showing that such a self-existent entity -- soul -- does not have any reason to exist (note, it still exists, but not from its own side.)

This was also the big philosophical debate in ancient India between other schools versus Buddhism, whether atman is real, or anatman, no self, is valid. All Buddhist schools accept anatman, or bdag med.

We will see later what dangers lie ahead when bdag 'dzin is happening.

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