Tuesday, June 26, 2007

dud 'gro - Animals

The next group in the Wheel of Life should neither be hard to find - dud 'gro, animals. This word literally means 'walking bent down', as 'dud means to bow, and 'gro is to walk. Note that this is the Tibetan word for animals. In Buddhist cosmology, a majority of animals reside in the oceans.

The reasons behind experiencing dud 'gro realms has to do with extreme negative las that has been planted, especially in relation to gti mug. As this is still present as bag chags, animals will continue planting more negative las, especially doing acts such as killing leading to even lower realms.

If you have pets, or are around animals, one way is to train them to teach them to avoid doing negative things, such as chasing birds, and try to keep them around auspicious and harmonious symbols, as well as provide as much love as possible so they change their behavior.

dud 'gro, yi dvags, and dmyal ba constitute the absolute, big, huge majority of realms that sentient beings experience. The next realms we will go through belong to a very tiny minority of beings.

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