Monday, June 25, 2007

yi dvags - Hungry Ghosts

Next it's not hard to find the yi dvags in the wheel of life, pretas in Sanskrit, or hungry ghosts which is one of the most common translations to English. Those are the thin throat and white beings with big bellies.

To end up experiencing this kind of existence has to do with very strong las planted, especially related to 'dod chags.

I personally like a translation like craving spirits more than hungry ghosts. The hunger part is important in their world experience, but it's just all the needs they need, and they can't find it, how hard they try to find. The Tibetans have a nice tradition of blessing food and leaving it outside, with the intention that the yi dvags have a much better chance finding blessed food. Anyone could actually do it.

For those studying letters note the small triangle below da, it's a way to indicate that this word is specific in order to avoid it with other words spelled the same way, in Wylie the va letter is used to indicate this letter, which is called wasur, but has this odd form when placed under the da letter. Anyway, you don't see this often! Anyway, as this stacking is seldom encountered, sometimes some Tibetan input systems can't handle it. In my case I had to switch over to ACIP encoding and convert it to the Tibetan fonts in Jskad before I could get this combination rendered...

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