Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Four Immeasurables, Equanimity Part 4

This is the last part of the fourth immeasurable. btang nyoms, as mentioned earlier, is equanimity.

la is a particle, connects equanimity with the right side, and connect this from the right to left.

gnas pa is to abide, stay. Note the r at the end, again this is a subjugation particle that binds this with gyur cig - may it be so.


Anonymous said...

Great contribution here, I think it is presented really nicely... I wondered if there is a place on the computer you recommend for english grammer? Just thought I'd ask...also "The Tibetan Language Pre-Primer" by Cathy Kielsmeier is really good (snowlion has it)...

Kent Sandvik said...

Yes, that's a new book I don't know of. Everyone has their favourite -- mine is Hodge's An Introduction to Classical Tibetan, as it's short and to the point.