Sunday, October 15, 2006

Four Immeasurables, Equanimity Part 1

The fourth of the four immeasurables, tshad med bzhi, is btang snyoms, equanimity. It could also be translated as impartiality. In Sanskrit this is upeksha.

There's a saying, that if there are two beings sitting next to a Buddha -- one is praising the Buddha, the other is poking needles into him -- the Buddha is impartial to both, and applies all the other three immeasurables with the same level. I think that kind of explains the immeasurable result if this is applied to all sentient beings. But it helps to start in the family, friends, and co-worker scenario.

Sometimes, in a teaching, this is the first immeasurable that is recommended to be cultivated, as it opens up the door for the other immeasurables to develop.

btang is to give away, abandon, and snyoms is equal, balanced.

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