Monday, May 29, 2006

rigs brgya

Here's an interesting one I saw today. I was looking through some text material I'm translating and saw many rigs brgya. Oh, I though, the hundred Buddha families. brgya is 100 and rigs is a family or a higher level scope of belonging, such as the common Buddha family connotation.

However, rigs has other translations, too, it could mean category, or group, so in this case it was actually why certain parts could be all together 100.

It's always good to look through the context of the sentence to figure out the correct translation.


TomGleason said...

awesome blog, extremely helpful in just the right way at my level. It's what I've looking for.

Thank you.

Kent Sandvik said...

Hi, thanks for the comments. For you others, I'm a little bit late, but I will add entries along the way this summer.