Monday, February 06, 2006


The second verse starts with thub pas, it's actually the word thub pa, with the ending s being a particle, an agent. thub pa is a very famous word, in Sanskrit muni (part of Shakyamuni), it means sage, conqueror, Victor, the Capable one, Able one. It's a name for Buddha.

Another variation of this is thub pa chen po, mahamuni, you could sometimes see this in mantras, such as in the Shakyamuni mantra. chen po, or in Sanskrit maha, means big. A variation of this word used in English is mega, it has it's roots in the same original word as wherefrom maha originated.

The ending s is a particle, if the word ends with a vowel, s is added in the case of the agent particle. Think of it here as the word by, this particle will bind what is on the left side with what we will shortly see on the right side. Think of this part just now as: by the Sage.

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