Monday, February 13, 2006


Next in the first sentence of the commentary is le'u bryad pa. We looked at le'u before, this is chapter. The word le'u is also interesting, as it's one of the few words where you have two vowels. Unlike Sanskrit, Tibetan has very short vowels, seldom long ones, or two vowels next to each other. The words are very short, one, two or three syllables, and seldom four syllables or more. In addition Tibetans speak very fast, so it's indeed a challenge to learn spoken Tibetan.

brgyad is eight, with the pa at the end after brgyad it becomes something like 'the eight'. So the commentary is talking about the eight chapter, the one before this ninth (wisdom) chapter (le'u dgu pa). So let's look next at what the eight chapter - le'u brgyad pa -- is about when the sentence in the commentary continues.

But so far we have decoded that the branches might have something to do with the eight chapter...

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