Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OK, next we have the very common la particle again. la is a so called dative-locative particle. The quick word to substitute for getting something in is to or as for. Remember the rule that particles bind something coming from the right with something on the left side. Sometimes they even bind something on the left side that is a whole sentence, so you need to be careful when translating very long sentences. In this case this first commentary sentence will shortly end with a verb and a connection word, so stay tuned.

Note that la also means mountain pass, like the infamous Thorung La pass in case you have ever done the Annapurna trek in Nepal, and got stuck on this pass where there seems to be a constant snow storm, that in combination with altitude weakness and badly peeled apples, oh well. Anyway, you could easily see from the context if la is a particle (very common) or la the mountain pass (less common).

la is also the letter. Speaking of the alphabet, sometimes you see the expression a li ka li, this is referring to the Sanskrit vowels and consonants, especially in tantric meditations.

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