Saturday, December 24, 2005

Simple Words - TSHE

tshe is a very good word to learn, you see it here and there. tshe means life, but also time. when, at this time, at this occasion. So you need to figure out the context, does it mean life as in life-force, or a specific time point.

A common expression is tshe 'di la, from before we know that 'di means this, and la is an oblique particle, or as I like to think of it, an alias particle, pointing at the expression to the left from something on its right side (or a pointer for you C programmer fanatics).

To translate tshe 'di la we need to know what la points at so we need more information to fully translate this expression. For example, tshe could mean life, so it could be translated to this life. Furthermore, what is life referring to, this life as existence, or a life-time of work, the life we live, or something else? This will be more important when we finish the first line of zhen pa bzhi bral that starts tshe 'di la. But usually tshe 'di means this life from the point of view of one's existence.

Other expressions using tshe:
tshe gong ma - previous lives
tshe gang - entire life, gang - here means complete
tshe dbang skur - long life empowerment

Homework: Find tshe and tshe 'di la in Jetsun Drakpa Gyelsen's commentary on zhen pa bzhi bral. Note that in ACIP notation the letter is spelled as ts in instead of Wylie tsh, hence look for TSE and TSE 'DI LA.

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