Monday, November 21, 2005

Simple Words - DE

Here's a good simple word to know, de, means that! The other word, 'di, means this.

Other examples:
de dus - at that time
de nas - from there or now, following that (pronounced DE NE), you might hear this word quite a lot when listening to a lama teaching. nas is the particle from that is more specific than the particle las.
de bzhin - like that, bzhin has many meanings of which one is like or similar.

A more complex form where de is used is de kho na nyid, thatness, kho na nyid means just that, or only, so you could translate that as that only. In Sanskrit this is tathata. Two comments, maybe you now see the relationship between English and Sanskrit. Also, this is wherefrom the word Tathagata comes, 'gone to thatness', a title of a Buddha. tathata is suchness, fundamental nature, how things really are, no self-existence, just dependent origination. You could now figure out what the Sanskrit word gata means.

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