Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tibetan Flashcards

Ryan McCormack sent me an email with a link to a project where he has built Tibetan flashcards. Check this out in case you want to use such a good tool for learning.

I've been using post-it notes everywhere, or small cards with Tibetan, sprinkled here and there. I used to have a small notepad with Tibetan, too. The computerized systems such as Ryan's, are very good as they are handy to have around and computers are good at repeating tasks.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Tibetan Unicode Information on dharmadictionary

Chris Fynn updated a page and more with really good information about Tibetan Unicode worth checking out. There's another page also on this page referring to information how to install Tibetan Unicode support on various computer platforms.

As mentioned before, this blog is using Tibetan Unicode since a couple of months' back. There are many reasons, one is that it was time Tibetan was equal to English and other Western languages on Internet.

Sorry, been a while

I got behind it all, had an accident when I biked home from work, collided with a car, ended up in hospital, stayed home for a while healing broken clavicle and ribs, but I'm fine now. Expect more postings as we speak.